Training Routes

For anyone who’s unsure of the rout planned for each cycle, or is in need of ideas for training in their own time, here’s a collection of some of the most common training routes used.

More can be added in advance of training as necessary should a new route be planned.

The map images are from – it all seems about accurate, so enjoy! Also there’s a neat topography function on the site so you can see how much climbing is involved in each ride!

An important of club rides is being aware of cycling etiquette. There is not many guidelines to cycling but there are some and it is helpful to be aware of them – more infomation is linked HERE

1. Camp – Slea Head – Camp

2. Tralee – Ardfert- Barrow – Fenit – Tralee

3. Tralee – Castlemaine – Fieries – Tralee

4. Tralee – Castleisland – MAUM – Tralee

5. Tralee – Castlemaine – Castleisland – Tralee

6. Tralee – Castlemaine – Milltown – Killarney – Tralee

7. Tralee – Castleisland – Dan Paddy Andys – Tralee

8. Tralee – Dingle – Anascaul – Camp – Tralee

9. Tralee – Faranfore – Castleisland – Tralee


  1. Hi There,
    I am looking for a group to cycle and train with and I’m wondering what the intensity of the chain gang is and what the distances you cycle are and when you train. If you could please let me know, I would really appreciate it. I’m hoping to have a group to train with in general and also for the Ring of Kerry Cycle. Thanks so much,


    • Hi Robin,

      Well at the moment we’ve established three training groups, catering for relative beginners, those with intermediate ability and a group for the more experienced cyclists with average speeds and distances to match. At the moment the shorter slower cycles would be 20-30 miles at a 15-16mph avg and now would be a good time to join in as later in the season will bring longer and faster cycles with training.

      We train on Thursday evenings departing County Buildings, Rathass at 6.30pm sharp and on Saturdays and Sundays departing Meadowlands Hotel at 9am sharp. Come along and see how you like things, and if you’re interested in staying with the club after three cycles join up, we’re always happy to bring another cyclist into the fold.

      Darragh Crowley (Club Secretary)

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