Feel free to leave any comments you’d like on this page.

It’s always good to get feeedback, both good and bad. It helps us know when we’re doing something right, gives us ideas of doing something new and as important, when we’re doing something that needs changing.


  1. Can I just say what a fantastic website, very informative & a fantastic way of keeping all informed.

    I am a native of Tralee currently residing in Co. Clare but travel home regularly, along with my bike so i hope to meet up in the near future with the “Chain Gang” for a spin.

    I have signed up to take part in a number of events this year including The Wicklow 200, Tour of Waterford and a number of notable charity cycles.

    This is all to help with the big build to a cycle im doing with work in September 08, Dublin – Paris in aid of the Christine Noble Children Foundation.

    So I do hope to meet with the Gang soon for a spin and again well done on a fantastic site.

    Tommy C

  2. Excellent Website. This is a great thing for the county and fellows who are into leisure cycling.
    Where do ye meet?

  3. Hi All

    THank you for your recent support in out leisure cycle over the June bank holiday weekend. All the best for the ‘hitting the ring’ tomorrow, see ye on the road.

    Best Wishes

    Eamonn Collier (Currow Club secretary)

  4. Ana-mhaith – táim go h-ana impressáilte! – might see you in Dún Garbháin – for tea!

  5. great site im up in cork and thanks for all the info on the various charity cycles etc coming down to tackle the pass! keep up the good work

  6. I did the very well organised connor pass cycle today which we all enjoyed immensely, but left my cycling shoes on he road opposite the club house. If you have them can you phone me at 087-2631096.

  7. Really enjoyed the cycle and hospitality on Saturday. Even the weather behaved (eventually). Organisation and grub 1st class. Hope to see you next year.

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