Posted by: Darragh | September 19, 2008

SATURDAY Spin, Lough Derg Cycle and News

Thats right folks – consistency in a world gone mad has itself gone mad – Saturday is the new Sunday for cycling purposes just to give people a bit more freedom on Sundays with the fam etc etc and because it’s beginning to suit more and more people also. The First Saturday Spin of the Off Season is set to take in Castlemaine, Milltown and Killarney departing Meadowlands at 9.15. Almost spot on 70km.

The map for this route is linked below

View Interactive Map on

IN other news;

For those with a mind for a new and intersting cycle out of the county Portumna & District Lions Club in conjunction with the SLIABH AUGHTY CYCLING CLUB are holding their Annual LOUGH DERG CYCLE – Sunday 28th September 2008 starting @ 8:30am from Portumna. And solo or team entries welcome. Further detail available – contact Lisa O Brien 087~6407966 (evenings)

Final news – The club is now online at the new address of – no more strain injuries from just typing the address to see the website!


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