Posted by: Darragh | September 12, 2008

Alternative cycling options

(this should be banned)

From Cycling – Turbo boost by Gruber Assist

Turbo boost by Gruber Assist

If you’ve ever been left behind on the chaingang or struggled to stay with the bunch on a long singletrack grind (and would prefer not to put in any training miles) you might want to consider adding a secret weapon: the Gruber Assist.

The entire system adds about 1900g (4.2lb) but feeds up to 200 watts of power straight to the cranks; simply hit the turbo button hidden in your bar end (John O Connor will like that bit I’m sure) and off you go, beaming smiles as you pass your riding pals with almost no effort on stiff climbs on a ‘standard’ bike. The motor and transmission are designed to drop into a 31.6mm seat tube and drive a dedicated bottom bracket based on a Shimano Hollowtech II crank. The Li-ion battery pack drops into a standard saddle bag.

Could this explain Lance Armstrong? They were looking at the all those samples and never considered the machine!? ‘Its not about the bike’ – yeah, right….

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