Posted by: Darragh | August 21, 2008

Thursday Spin and Waterford Details

Hi all,

The final Thursday spin is set to depart Meadowlands at 6.30. No big distance, no big speed, just a pedal to keep the body ready for Sunday. Remember to invest in the energy bars/gels sachets and if necessary new brake blocks and spare tubes – best to have ’em and not need ’em rather than the other way around on the day.

Just to keep everyone informed etc, I’m posting the fully mapped out 160 and 100km routes – they’re in a better detail than the other maps available. The 160km route is mapped below detailing all the food stops and climbs

View Interactive Map on

The 100km route is here and is similarly mapped out showing all the stops and climbs of the day (there’s nothing bad on it though).

View Interactive Map on

Also in good news, the 3 day forecast says we should have a dry day with only a mild breeze from the SW – fingers crossed it stays that way!



  1. Another great Waterford week-end! The Chain Gang put a magnificent 20 on the road, and the cool kit and tight touring attracted much favourable comment. Tales of great enjoyment and endurance were reported from both 100Km. and 160Km. riders. Mahon Falls treated one of the group to a puncture, but tour support had him remounted in no time, and the 160 crew brought it back as they took it out – intact and working well. FULL MARKS to event organisation in the face of daunting numbers. We’ll be back!

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