Posted by: Darragh | July 7, 2008

Ring of Kerry

Just a small quick post to say WELL DONE to everyone who completed the 108 mile circuit of the Ring of Kerry on Saturday.

The saying ‘Christ on a bike’ must have come from somewhere as it’s beginning to look like the Man Upstairs likes cyclists and adjusts the weather to suit us in spite of Met Eireann. No complaints here.

It is special note the first timers for the challenge, Jerry, Cora, Eileen & Tommy (hope I’m not leaving anyone out here). Well done to ye and here’s to it being the first of many!

OTHER NEWS – details of 100km and 200km Trip to Tipp cycles coming soon.



  1. Many thanks tomas for the fantastic training over the past couple of months it made the RING a cinch ! Signed up today for the Waterford 160 km bash in august !!! Must be something in the water

  2. I’d like to echo Aileen’s thanks. The group training made all the difference for Saturday’s jaunt.

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