Posted by: Darragh | July 1, 2008

Thursday Spin, naming and shaming and News

Hi again,

The Thursday spin this week is the traditional slow steady Fenit and Back run as done previous years.

Cheers to everyone who availed of the bike clinic on Sat/Sun – hope you’re pleased with the results, and anyone else who is interested in the service feel free to contact me and arrangements can be made for future clean up jobs.

On a separate note – get well soon to Brendy who fell victim to a bit of bad luck, road and circumstance last Thursday.

Finally, in advance of the Ring of Kerry cycle on Saturday make sure on the day you have;

  1. Your crasher, glasses if you have them, gloves and cycling shoes (if you’re using clipless) and in the event of sun, maybe some factor 4-10
  2. Your sponsorship card – you won’t get fed without it
  3. A spare tube, tyre levers and a pump at the minimum *a repair kit is advisable also*
  4. A good energy drink, gel or bars to carry on you, just in case you hit the wall at any point

Now. The naming and shaming. the following have been added to the list of known bike abusers;

  1. John O’Connor – whose bike now weights ~2kg less since the dirt was removed from his chain alone, and now ‘black as O’Connors bike’ replaces ‘black as the hobs of Hell’ in the the English language.
  2. Christo Murray – who has learned well from the Master and is gaining fast.
  3. Tomás Crowley – the final place in the dirty black OCR3 trilogy but far from the caked on gruel of first and second place.

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