Posted by: Darragh | June 19, 2008

Thursday Spin & Other News

Well the out look for Thurday evening training is scheduled for a bash around Renagowan, Lyreacompane, Knockalougha and Knocknagoshel area.

LOADS of options – the route linked below is one of many and runs home from Knocknagoshel via Headleys Bridge and Castleisland at approx 67km

View Interactive Map on


In line with usual practice breakfast has been booked for 15-20 people at the Riverside Hotel, Killarney, for 7:30 a.m. It is also usually possible to have bikes transported to and from Killarney on the day to make life easier for those without suitable carriers.

Further details to follow, but to assess demand for bike transport please text TRANSPORT, Name and No. to 086-6772668 before Thursday next, 26th June.

Entry is now open for this excellent leisure tour event. It takes place from Dungarvan on 24th August with options for 50km., 100km., and 160km. Full details available on

The word is that interest is very strong after last year’s great event, so early booking is advisable. In particular those requiring accommodation on the Saturday should move very quickly.


This takes place on 14th September, under the auspices of the Currow Cycling Club. Yet another date for your calendar with more details to follow when available.

The last order went in on 3rd June with a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks. Latest information suggests 6 weeks, which unfortunately means it won’t be available before the Ring. All the more reason to show it off on the later tours!

However the order has been paid for in full, and it would ease the Crowley’s cash flow if those who ordered would have €107.00 available in an envelope with name and number, as soon as possible.

Finally, all those interested in taking up a spot in the BIKE CLINIC on the 28th do’nt forget to confirm your interest ahead of the day!!


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