Posted by: Darragh | May 21, 2008

Thursday spin & Sean Kelly Tour entry

Hi Everyone,

The scheduled run for Thursday night is Meadowlands – Castleisland – Currow – Faranfore – Castlemaine. Possibility of wet weather so kit out as apt. Kick off is as usual Meadowlands, rolling out the gates at 6.30.

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Also entry is now open for the Sean Kelly Tour ’08, run the 24th August. The entry for the 50K is E20 and the entry for the 100K and 160K is E30. You can book your place at the start line on the website or via snail mail whichever is your fancy. There is also a team challenge – more on that as news filters through.

The clock on the site is telling me there’s 94 days 14 hours, 14 minutes n somethin’ seconds left before wheels start rolling so there’s time left to get the training in if you start now!!! Click the link below to get straigth throught to the site.

View Sean Kelly Tour Website



  1. Sixteen started out for a “calm” Thursday, with the female persuasion represented by a magnificant six! We lost one to mechanicals before Ballymac and had another puncture just at Castleisland. Apart from the “Currow kink”, all refused the soft options, but a natural split developed before Castlemaine. A strong six had first crack at the hill before the remaining nine scattered home across the slope. A good spin with averages from 14.5 m.p.h. upwards.

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